Friday, August 29, 2008

"New" Computer

My parents brought the notebook computer my dad was using in Canada to swap with the Dell 1705 I'm giving him. The old computer is the Compaq 1702 that Shirley used before we bought the PowerBook. I'm reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP Professional. The CPU is a 1.13GHz Pentium III and the computer only has 512MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive. I'm going to put a USB 802.11b dongle on it so I can connect it to my TV so I can watch Internet videos. This means I still have 8 computers at home (one is not working).


I hate Windows. I formatted the partition and 30 minutes into the install, I get the dreaded product key dialog. None of the numbers I have work so I had to dig out the Quick Restore CD's that came with the Compaq notebook. I guess I'm back to Windows XP Home v1.0 or something. I'll probably spend the next 3 hours downloading SP1, SP2, and millions of security updates. Now I'm a bit paranoid since I did not receive any CD/DVD with my new Sony VAIO. What if I need to reinstall the OS?

Sigh... Since I'm bored, I'll try to install Half-Life 2 on my Sony VAIO running Vista. I want to play Counterstrike again.


Wow, that took forever. It's funny to see what came pre-installed on the Compaq. I had to delete AOL, CompuServe 2000, Netscape 6.1, and Microsoft Works. Does Microsoft even sell Works? I've uninstalled it from more than 10+ computers. It's trying to install Window XP SP2 right now. I also got a notice on my Dell 1705 that Microsoft wants to install Windows XP SP3. All I need now is Vista SP1 or something. With a million or so software engineers, why can't they get it right the first time?

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