Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chinese Food

It seems that every reporter on NBC has to do a story on gross Chinese food and they always end up at the same night market stand selling fried scorpions and other insects. I wonder if it's as popular all these American reporter seem to make it out to be. I did see a Chinese-American reporter walking around reporting but NOT eating anything until she got to some steamed buns... I'm with her. I get grossed out pretty easily by food, even stuff here in the US.

Ha ha, they just showed some spicy rabbit heads in Chongqing. Ewww!

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Anonymous said...

did they use the line: "the only things chinese people won't eat with four legs are the chairs and tables"?

a real investigative journalist would have been chewing on the rabbit head's cheeks with the teeth point out to bite him/her back.

they probably couldn't stand the gag factor but the spiciness would have done them in.