Sunday, August 17, 2008

32.8 MPG

Seeing all the commercials for cars with 30+ MPG (highway), I wanted to see how my 350Z compared. There is a built-in trip computer in the Z and one of the display option was MPG/MPH. Driving home on 405 South from Torrance yesterday, I put the car on cruise control at 65 MPH and reset the trip computer. The analog speedometer in the Z reads a bit fast, so I was actually going 63 MPH and just about every car was passing me, even a Toyota Yaris. However, the computer showed 32.8 MPG and it held steady for about 5 minutes. I bet I was getting better mileage than that Yaris passing me at 70 MPH. I normally get about 19-20 MPG combined in the Z so the mileage must be terrible for city/stop-n-go driving. The 4Runner gets about 18 MPG, seemingly regardless if I'm on the freeway or not. Maybe it's brick-line aerodynamics offsets any highway driving fuel efficiency.

I think if I have a manual transmission in the Z, I could probably get even better mileage on the freeway since it has a 6th gear; the automatic only has 5 speeds and at 80 MPH, the engine is running at 3,000 RPM, almost halfway to the 6,500 RPM redline.

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