Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lost in Translation

Not content with censoring news with its state-owned media, the Chinese government "translates" articles from foreign media into propaganda pieces. Sentences and entire paragraphs are deleted from the original article and critical/neutral statements are changed to positive ones. How lame.

From: Black and White Cat
How the New York Times (should have) covered the Olympics
(line by line comparison)

New York Times Article
Beijing Puts On Happy Face for Games, Without Wrinkles

BEIJING — No one knows for sure how many people live in China, but the population is at least 1.3 billion. And thanks to increased longevity and the one-child policy, it is quickly aging. Demographers estimate that by 2050, more than a quarter of the people in China will be 60 or older.

Visitors to the Olympics, however, can be forgiven for thinking that China is a land of unnatural youthfulness where nobody is older than 30. About 100,000 volunteers, wearing blue “Beijing 2008” shirts, are working at these Games, staffing the security stations, driving golf carts, answering questions or just standing around and greeting people — “communicating smile and building harmony,” in the words of a Beijing organizing committee news release. Close to 90 percent of them are in their 20s. Older Chinese, and there are plenty in Beijing, are mostly out of sight.

Beijing Daily News "Translation"



Why do they do this? They even faked the title of the article. If the censors don't want the local people to read about certain topics, why even publish the article from NYT or elsewhere? Probably the CCP want to give the impression that even the foreign barbarians love China so there's no need to replace the corrupt communist government.

More editing disguised as translation.

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