Monday, April 25, 2011

Singapore Trip, Inbound

Sigh... even though I was traveling in business class, I still only slept a few hours during the long LAX to HKG flight. I think the flight was longer than usual to avoid flying over Japan. I've been on this route many times and typically the flight path takes us across northern Japan, across the water near southern Korea (Busan), and over Taipei. However, this time, we flew across Siberia and down through central China.

The last time the Cathay Pacific LAX-HKG flight took this route, they were trying to avoid a Pacific typhoon.

The "northern" route

Of course, the business class seat was much more comfortable than the economy seats. The seats fold down flat and Cathay provides a decent blanket/duvet. Still, I only slept about 3 hours out of the 14+ hour flight. I ended up watching Space Battleship Yamato (this actress was pretty cute), If You Are The One (and the sequel), Part of Tangled (Disney), and a couple episodes of Top Gear. It was much more enjoyable watching on the larger LCD screen than the tiny headrest screen in the cheap seats. The food was a bit better, though the fruit they served with every meal was awesome, especially the pineapple.

Dinner. I got the beef instead of the fish. A couple of coworkers got the fish and they said it was terrible. After watching Airplane!, you learn never to order the fish dish on-board an airplane.

Since this was a business trip, I had to travel with several co-workers. During our conversation in the lounge at LAX, one of them said that our flight to HKG was on a Boeing 747, even specifying that it was a 747-400ER. Again, having flown this route many times in the past and spending too much time selecting seats on this trip, I knew we were on a Boeing 777-300ER. I argued a few times but decided to offer up the possibility that Cathay switched back to 747's. When we got to the gate, she dropped her bags, ran to the window to check, and admitted that it was not a 747 (no second floor). I should have bet her some money.


Not a 747

At Hong Kong, we had a three hour layover before our flight to Singapore. Since I wasn't sure if we were heading into the office on the first day, I brought some work clothes in a carry-on. I took a shower in the lounge but since it's so humid in Hong Kong, I ended up sweating right after the shower so not sure how much good it did. The flight from HKG to SIN was about 3 1/2 hours and we were in old school business class seats, similar to "first class" domestic flight seats on 737's.

The Long Bar in The Pier CX lounge

During taxiing to take-off at Hong Kong, we saw a FedEx plane. Surprisingly, it was an old DC-10, with it's distinctive third engine mounted on the tailfin.

Somewhere over southern Malaysia about 30 minutes before landing at Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport

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