Friday, April 8, 2011

New Computer Update

The new desktop is up and running and it's really fast. However, since it runs so hot (the Intel i5 CPU draws 95W), the fans are running constantly and creates a constant draft. My fingers are getting cold as I type.

One emerging problem is the size of the boot drive. To increase speed, I have a 30GB SSD as the C: drive and a 2TB drive for everything else (4 partitions currently). Right now I'm down to ~7GB free so hopefully that won't become an issue later on.


Sigh... new computer is so fast. I'm ripping a DVD-R/W for KBS shows I record and AOA DVD Ripper is running at >85fps. My Vaio would only rip at ~40fps so it's more than 2x the speed. Out of the huge list of CPUs on PassMark's benchmark page, the i5-2500K is ranked 27th overall.

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