Thursday, April 21, 2011

Banned KTV Songs

Recently netizens of Wenzhou noticed a yellow sign appeared in the local KTV (karaoke clubs). The sign listed 37 songs that are now banned from playing at these places by the provincial authority. The 37 prohibited songs included popular titles like Su Rui’s “qian shou” 牵手 (Hold hands), Richie Ren’s Xiaoxue (snow) and Bobby Chen’s One night in Beijing.

The sign says “Prohibited songs announcement, according to regulation of the Provincial Department of Culture, the following 37 songs are banned from playing, sorry for the inconvenience…” Reporter interviewed Wenzhou culture law enforcement unit, they admitted the news were true but refused to explain the reason of the ban.

The original Chinese article has a list of the songs. A lot of the 37 songs have 台湾 in the title or is about Taiwan. I don't know most of the songs so not sure if others have explicit lyrics. At all the KTV places I've been to, there are thousands of songs; banning them probably just draws more attention to the "objectionable" lyrics.

The first (and best so far) comment at ChinaHush:
This is news to me. People go to Ktvs to sing? I was under the impression that people went there to pick up hookers and beat up women. Chinese society is finally moving forward.


The first song on the list is 梅花 by 劉家昌. It's a really old and I actually know it.

梅花梅花滿天下 越冷它越開花
看啊 遍地開了梅花有土地就有它
冰雪風雨它都不怕 它是我的國花

I guess the trigger is the last line where it says "it (cherry blossom) is our national flower" combined with 中華 (Republic of China). To the CCP, this must be a Taiwanese Independence conspiracy song created by the West or something. Stupid.

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