Sunday, April 10, 2011

CyberPower PC

I've been using the new computer for a few days and I'm in the process of copying over all my files from the Sony. I tried copying over the wireless network but it kept crapping out so I'm using my external HD. Evidently I have ~9000 photos...

When I first got the computer, there was thick blue wire coming out the back and into a USB port. I couldn't figure out what it was for so I cracked open the case.

The blue USB cable connects to a few USB ports in the front (2 regular USB and 1 USB 3.0). The computer has a total of 14 USB ports on the motherboard: 6 regular USB ports in the back, 2 USB 3.0, and 6 internal. I guess there are no internal USB 3.0 ports available so they had to go with the ghetto version. Evidently I have liquid cooling on the CPU but one of the tubes is blocking a memory card slot... lame.

Close up of the USB cable "fix". The "CYBERPOWER" label/sticker was originally on the front but it was bent and crooked so I moved it to the back. The case is made by In-Win.

By far the largest component in the computer is the graphics card. I didn't know which brand they were going to put it (probably doesn't matter) but it's powered by an AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870. It's probably more powerful than all my other PCs... combined.

All wires connected.

I think I may be regretting the small 30GB SSD. Even though I'm not putting any programs/games/files on it, the empty space is slowly shrinking. I think it came with ~8GB free and I'm down to <6GB now. I guess Windows is not that great about cleaning up temp files. The system is only using a 4GB swap file and it's configured to use up to 6GB, which means I can "lose" 2GB more. I didn't know Windows was such a space hog.

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hogsman said...

the important thing is whether it can play solitaire and doom.