Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singapore Trip, Day 3

There was no pineapple at breakfast this morning but the buffet was still pretty good. I usually don't eat breakfast in the morning but now I look forward to it each morning, even though it costs S$35 + tax.

Fresh fruit and juice

Round 1

Round 2

Today was the second full work day and it was filled with meetings again. One thing I did notice was that the A/C is on full blast in each building. I know it's hot and humid but they probably can save some money on electricity by raising the temperature setting. Almost everyone in the meeting was wearing a jacket since it was so cold.

Our group took two taxis to work. Three of us took the first available taxi which was a Chrysler 300. It was nicer than the regular taxis but also ended up costing us about S$10 more. This is the road outside our work building; it's across the street from a junkyard.

For dinner, the partner from the consulting firm helping us invited our team to dinner along with his consultants. Since he wanted to try local Singapore fare, we went to a seafood restaurant that served chili crab and pepper crab.

There are lots of choices but local co-workers pointed us to Jumbo Seafood.

The restaurant is a chain with several locations. We went to the one in the East Coast Seafood Center, next to the ocean. I saw lots of ships in the water during our incoming flight and at dinner Monday night but here we saw them up close.

Deep fried mini squid

Drunken shrimp... the waiter was covering the bowl so the shrimp wouldn't jump out after he poured in the liquor.

Black pepper crab

Chili crab. I had a big piece of this crab and it was pretty spicy. They gave us fried bread/mantou to eat with the sauce.

As usual, I crashed as soon as I got back to the hotel after dinner. It's about 12:50am now Singapore time. I'm still tired but up because I have to call into a work meeting at 1:00am. :(

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