Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Compassion International Revisited

I was having problems balancing my checking account just now. You'd figure that someone that does finance professionally should be able to balance a few accounts... and usually I'm pretty close. Anyway, it turned out that Compassion International has not transferred the $38/month since August. I received a few letters from them lately but I haven't paid much attention. I've been sponsoring this girl through Compassion in Thailand since 1996.

I finally read a letter with a scary "Final Letter" header dated June 13. It's written in Thai but the translation said that Yupa decided to go to work in Bangkok with her mother after her father passed away. Since she moved away from the project, they dropped my sponsorship. Well, the reason I chose to sponsor a Thai girl was to keep her from being sold/forced into prostitution. Sigh... I hope she finds a good job in Bangkok and stays away from Patpong. Maybe one day I'll run into her when I visit Bangkok. :)

Compassion assigned me another Thai girl with a much longer name. She is about 5 and a half years old and not very cute (sorry). Strange... I searched for her last name in Google and there were zero hits.

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