Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CX Flight Delay

My Beijing friend just called me from Hong Kong. For some reason, her flight from LAX-HKG arrived late and she was unable to make her connecting flight to Beijing. Now she has to spend the night in Hong Kong, probably in the same airport hotel that I stayed in last time my CX flight was delayed 13 hours.

I got a text message from her that they were boarding in LAX at ~12:54pm, which was ~20 minutes late. Usually they build in a lot of slack in the published flight time but her flight arrived 45 minutes late. Probably the rain we had earlier in LA caused even more delays.


Hmm, I think the airport hotel is outside of HKG immigration. How is she going to get there without a Hong Kong visa? Also, she has probably thousands of dollars of stuff in her checked luggage and right now CX has no idea where her bags are. Lame.


Since there are no hotels inside the controlled part of HK Airport, they gave my friend a 7 day stamp in her passport. I think she already has a HK/Macau visa from a prior trip to Macau. Anyway, she arrived in Beijing 12 hours late and her luggage was waiting for her as well. Leon thinks that Air China already sold her seat when she arrived in Hong Kong since they didn't issue a boarding pass for the HKG-PEK flight when she checked in at LAX. If the connecting flight was operated by CX/KA, I think they could have waited a bit since there was still ~40 minutes between flights.

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