Saturday, October 9, 2010

$100B Wealth Redistribution

Dang, I wanted my 1500th post to be about K-pop girls. ;p

I see why there's so much interest in Global Warming Climate Change Disruption.

BBC News
But there was some progress toward the next round of climate talks in Mexico in November.

There are hopes that the meeting in Cancun could agree details of a fund to transfer $100bn (£63bn) a year from rich countries to help poor nations cope with the projected consequences of climate change.

That sum is described by developing nations as substantial but inadequate.

Of course it's inadequate. When have you seen recipients of free money say they've had enough?! A major reason why some of these countries are "poor" or "developing" is because they're run by corrupt dictators... and we want to give them more money?

And what are these "projected consequences" of climate change? If these "projections" turn out to be false, do I get my share of the $100 billion back?

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