Friday, October 8, 2010

Next China Trip

I just booked tickets for my next trip to China. Since Cathay Pacific has so far ignored my email regarding my Marco Polo Club account, and I found tickets that are $450 cheaper, I'm flying Air Canada (connecting in Vancouver) this time. When I went to Beijing back in 2008 with NewSong, most of the other people on the trip took this flight since it seems to be the cheapest itinerary. Total round trip cost: $800.15 through

Originally I was going to fly American Airlines which cost $940 and connects in Chicago. The only plus side was that I can leave from John Wayne Airport. The other option from SNA was to fly United and connect through San Francisco for about the same fare. However, since my parents said that they could drop me off at LAX, I went with the cheaper option... I haven't told them that my flight departs at 7am which means leaving our house ~4am!


Crap! Air Canada does not allow you to choose seats online if you didn't book your flight through their website. If you call their phone line, they charge $22 to choose seats. Since I'm going cheap, I guess I'll have to check in online early and hope that I get a aisle seat. :(

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