Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Universal Studios, Take 3

Last Wednesday, I brought my Beijing friend to Universal Studios Hollywood. She's been to Disneyland and Sea World so there's not much left to do. I was just here last year with Leon and family so I still remember where everything was. Since it was a pretty warm weekday, there weren't too many visitors and most of the lines were short.

There was a longish line for the studio tour. I think we waited ~40 minutes in line, about twice as long as when I was here with Leon. The only new attraction was King Kong 3D and it was pretty amazing, though I didn't like the water spraying effects.

Waterworld! The movie sucked but the show was decent. I don't remember ever seeing this show before. Most of the actors were pretty serious but the guy playing the main villain seemed to ad lib most of his lines and kinda ruined the show.

There weren't many people at the bottom portion of the theme park. The line for the Mummy ride was only 2-3 minutes; however, the ride seemed to only last 30 seconds. We also rode the Jurassic Park water ride. On the way back up, my friend wanted to take the stairs... and she did for all 4 escalator segments. This was one of the longer sections. I was tired just watching her climb.

I'm so out of it (food fads). First it was Kogi BBQ food trucks a few months ago, and now Yogurtland. I've never been to a self-serve/weigh-your-dessert yogurt places before. It was pretty good but pricy at ~$5 for what you see.

Since Universal Studios was running a promotion, I have two more free visits on the same ticket for the next year. My friend does too but I doubt she will come to LA from Beijing again just for this.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, easy on Waterworld.

it IS the most important movie of our generation. it called global warming way before Al Gore jumped on the band-wagon. even before there was a band-wagon to jump on.

unless we all install solar cell (preferably CIGS), we will all need to start growing gills soon.