Saturday, October 30, 2010

YouTube Commercials

Arg, so many commercials. Since it's a few days before the election, it all political ads:

- ad for Carly
- ad against Carly (by "friends" of Barbara Boxer)
- ad for prop 19(?) which is the pothead initiative
- ad against prop 23 by some cute doctor

I really don't like the anti-prop 23 ad, not because I voted for the measure. In the ad, the doctor says something about dirty air and it's effect on children. However, AB32 was passed due to AGW and was meant to control CO2, not air particulates. I guess freedom of speech means freedom to lie.

The pro-marijuana is lame too. I think polls are 51/39 against the proposition but the ad lies about being ahead in the polls and we should go vote yes... or something. The ad is funded by Georgo Soros, who regularly funds extreme left groups. I can't understand why he's dumping all this money to sponsor drug legalization.

Since I already voted by mail, I can't wait until after Tuesday and for all these lame political ads to end.

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