Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

After traveling for 2 weeks in Asia, I'm at another hotel in Palm Springs two days after getting back home. Our company is holding a Global Finance Leadership Forum for senior managers and above. Since I'm still very jetlagged, I chose to take the bus here instead of driving myself.

The hotel is in Palm Springs and has very nice rooms. I'm on the 5th floor (top floor) but facing the parking lot instead of the hotel pool. I was assigned to a suite with a living room/office plus a bedroom. There are two large LG LCD TVs in the room as well. After spending time in tiny, bug infested (Chengdu) hotel rooms, this is like heaven.

Living Room/Office. There is a desk in the corner with AV connections to the first LCD TV.

Bedroom. The bed is really comfortable. I fell asleep right away after dinner but now I'm up again. :(

Also unlike Asia, the Internet connection is not free but costs $15/night. There is wireless but it's ridiculously slow at ~500kbps. I just installed Samsung Kies on my work computer so I can tether my phone; the connection is much faster.

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Anonymous said...

ok ok. message received. let's start getting some CIGS orders so you can stay at a better hotel in CTU.