Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Class Passengers

Leon and I were wondering who pays for first class tickets; round trip flight from LAX-HKG on Cathay Pacific runs about $24,000. We thought it would be mostly people using their miles to upgrade from business class, or they get bumped when business class is full (this happened to Leon once).

Anyway, he told me he used some expiring miles to upgrade to business class and he is in the front left seat, right behind the main entry doors to the Boeing 777. He just called me again and said he saw Lionel Richie board the plane and walk into the first class section. I looked on his website and he has a concert on 9/28 at Hong Kong Convention center. I guess millionaire entertainers fly first class when they don't have their own private jet. Leon said it was just him though... his entourage is sitting in the back.

Too bad Leon didn't get upgrade to first class on this flight. Maybe he could have pitched PMI to Lionel Richie and get him as an investor. :)


On Richie's website, there are pictures of him on a private jet. Maybe it was chartered or it's too small to make a Transpacific flight. He needs to get a Gulfstream IV (or V) like Henry.

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Anonymous said...

hey, hope you don't see alot of spam in the meantime.

i seriously doubt that LR had to pay for those 1st-class tickets. i'm sure his agent negotiated the diva-package with the 1st-class tickets thrown in with the appearance fee.

yeah i missed a chance to do an elevator pitch (it was a 14 hour flight). not sure he would have gone for our valuation.