Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Again

After two weeks of traveling, I'm finally home. My parents picked me up ~3pm from LAX and even though I wanted to stay awake until nighttime, I fell asleep for 5 hours when I got home. I've been up for the past 2 hours uploading some posts I typed out on the plane and organizing photos. Sindy's parents gave me some moon cakes to bring home and luckily I made it through US customs without any issues; my parents had their moon cakes confiscated last year when they came back from Taiwan.

Time to plan the next trip... :)

A Nissan GT-R blew by us on the Airport Expressway, weaving in and out like a maniac. I didn't check to see if it had white military plates. Actually, most people drive crazy in China compared to the US.

Dragonair Airbus 330 that brought me from Beijing to Hong Kong

It started raining heavily at around 2pm in Hong Kong. I thought it was another typhoon or something. My mom said the same storm caused some flooding inside CKS airport in Taiwan.

Secondary inspection for flights to the US. I wasn't sure what they were looking for but it was a lot more thorough than what I experienced last year.

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