Thursday, September 23, 2010


I think I'm repeating myself but I hate Socal Edison. The latest bill is ~$150, probably because we used the air conditioner a few times during the hot months of August/September. I hate them for the same reason I hate "progressive" taxes; the more you use/make, the more %/rate you pay.

I understand the reason behind the tiered pricing but the way it was implemented by Edison appears to be another attempt at wealth distribution. We used 773 kWh during this billing cycle but they artificially set our usage baseline at 306 kWh. The end result is that we were charged ~$50 more versus having all usage charged at Tier 1 pricing of $0.13/kWh instead of up to $0.27/kWh at Tier 4. Again, when I lived in my small one-bedroom apartment, my usage baseline was 600+ kWh. How does that make any sense? We now have three people in a house that's 3x the size of my apartment and we're supposed to use 1/2 the electricity? I called Edison before and they said the baseline does not depend on the number of occupants nor the size of the building. All that matters is whether you have natural gas heating.

The net result is that people living in larger homes of have larger families are being charged more per kWh than others, while it does not cost Edison incrementally more money to produce an additional kWh... ripoff.

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