Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, Shenzhen Day #1 Evening

It's raining outside. Actually, it's been raining all day in Shenzhen and Dongguan. I had heard that there was a typhoon offshore, maybe they're referring to tropical storm Malou. It's still on the other side of Taiwan... not sure if it's causing all this rain.

I know it's raining outside because I just went out to find some food and got completely soaked. I walked all the way around the hotel just to find a small market and some street vendors right behind us. I'm still feeling sick to the stomach so I just got some bread and bottle of ice tea, and will probably go to bed early tonight.

Today was a fun filled day driving hours through the often heavy rain. We had two business meetings in Dongguan, but it turned out they were over an hour apart. Combined that with a unknown driver, we got lost between meetings and were ~an hour late to the 2nd one. You can never plan too much or too far ahead in China. I did find our destination on my Blackberry and Google Maps but was too uncertain about its accuracy to trust it while we're lost.

Breakfast in the lobby this morning. It wasn't that good. :(

We took a taxi to meet someone at the Sheraton downtown who drove us to his factory in Dongguan.

Just in case you forgot what day it was (Friday)

It rained so heavy at times we couldn't see the road. Most people drove pretty slow with their hazards on.

Even though it was raining like crazy, the bus stops were full of people waiting.

Chinese night market right behind the hotel. It was kind of shabby... I wonder what kind of people liver around here (industrial zone).

Dinner :)

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