Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, Hong Kong Airport (again)

Wahhh! I'm going to be so sad next time I travel to Asia. My Cathay Pacific elite status expires next month and since I haven't traveled that much this year, I don't have enough miles to renew. No more showers in the Hong Kong lounge. :(

Last night, dinner was only me and John. We walked around for 10 minutes behind one of the Sogo department stores while he tried to find a specific noodle shop. Just when I had enough of walking and sweating, he found it. It was pretty good and each bowl of noodle was ~NTD110 or ~$4. Since we got a late start, we finished around 10:00pm and I just went back to the apartment and slept. I think the warm weather wears on you if you're not used to it.

The noodle place also served a lot of dishes but I think everyone just got noodles. We also got some Shanghai-style steamed buns.

Traveling is tiring. I feel like I've been on the go the entire day. I left my friend's apartment ~11:00am this morning. I grabbed some lunch in the underground mall and took the MRT to Taipei train station. There I bought a ticket on the HSR train to Taoyuan and then took the shuttle bus to the airport.

Lunch: hot and sour soup + 10 dumplings (total = NTD80)

When I walked in to terminal 2, I couldn't find my flight on the board... strange. I finally found the Dragonair counter and they said that my flight was canceled, and they need to get me on a Cathay Pacific flight. The only problem was that the CX flight departed from terminal 1. They swore they can get my bags on the flight and since the terminals are connected, I can clear immigrations in terminal 2 and walk to my new gate. I looked at the time and my flight was boarding in 7 minutes. When I went through the immigration counter, the border agent looked at my boarding pass and said I was at the wrong terminal. I told him what happened... he shook his head and said I had a long walk.

I made it to my new gate and the flight was boarding already. Instead of a Airbus 320, the Cathay flight was a Boeing 777-300, the same type that they use on transpacific flights. The flight was only ~70 minutes and they served us a ham/cheese sandwich. Since I need photos for my blog, I tried taking a picture of the flight attendant with my Samsung phone. I was trying to be discreet but I guess it was kinda obvious... she wasn't very happy and yelled at me to delete the photo. That camera is very slow so I didn't get anything in the picture anyway.

Ham and cheese sandwich... blah.

I asked a flight attendant (the one who's picture I didn't take) for some water and she gave me this. It was only 100mL and a total waste of packaging.

Arriving early, I took a shower in the CX lounge and now have about 2 hours before my flight to Beijing. My friend in Beijing says she will pick me up at the airport and bring me to my hotel. It's only ~5pm and I'm ready to sleep again.

Hong Kong International Airport. Almost every gate has a plane parked.

I just heard an announcement for KA824 to Chengdu. This is the flight I took a week ago. They moved the flight to gate 524 which is a remote gate... poor suckers. My flight leaves in 40 minutes from gate 30... I hope they don't change it. Time to leave the lounge and back behind the GFW again.

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usually there is no reason to take a picture of CX attendants. SQ is another story though.