Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yet Another Old Computer

I have lots of old computers in my closet. Since I was trying to run DOSBox (MS-DOS emulator) on my newer computers without much success, I thought I would dig up a mid-aged laptop computer. It's a Compaq Presario 1220 with a 200MHz Cyrix processor... not sure what Intel chip it corresponds to. It has 16MB of RAM and a 1.0GB hard drive. I put both Windows 98 and Red Hat Linux 5.2 on the computer. It has a CD-ROM drive and a RJ-11 connector but no Ethernet.

I booted it up and Windows 98 runs fine. I remember wanting to use it for a CD player at work so I only have Winamp installed. The Linux OS boots up fine as well but it's been so long that I forgot the login ID and password. I tried every ID/password combo I could think of but nothing works. I think there was a GUI (X Windows?) and a CD player application installed. The Linux login screen also says Kernal 2.0.36 on an i586. I think i586 refers to a Pentium class processor so this machine should be faster than a DOSBox emulated 486. If I really wanted to play old DOS games, I should probably reformat the hard drive and just install DOS and nothing else.

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