Thursday, April 30, 2009

New York!

I'm finally going to New York... for 3 hours. Even though I've been to Asia and Europe, I've not traveled much on the east coast. The only places I've been to is Boston (3x) and Newark Airport. I think I want to visit the museums in Washington, D.C.

Since my parents are moving back to SoCal, I figured I'd better use my free LAX-YYZ ticket soon. I originally used AA miles for a ticket last Thanksgiving but cancelled it since I had to travel for work to Toronto that week. I managed to reuse that ticket for a trip during the upcoming Memorial Day week so I can help my parents organize their move. Unfortunately, AA wouldn't let me change the routing (cost $150) so I still have to fly out of LAX and connect both ways. Anyway, the only "free" ticket during that weekend is a redeye from LAX to JFK with a 3 hour layover, then a short flight to YYZ on American Eagle. Sigh... I hate the tiny Embraer jets. I don't know if I can get out of the airport on a Sunday morning and go somewhere interesting within 3 hours.


Hmm, JFK is on Long Island, far from anything interesting. I thought I could run out and take some photos of NYC but I guess there's nothing nearby.


Anonymous said...

just try to schedule your flight around to avoid rush hours. i remember one flight in the late afternoon out of JFK. we were on the tarmac for just over an hour waiting in a long queue of planes. the airlines have been better about putting the extra time into the schedule (flight was scheduled to last almost 6 hours even though flight time is < 5). nothing like the southwest flights at LAX where you leave the terminal gate and go straight to the runway and are first in line to take off.

totochi said...

I'm on the Sat night red-eye from LAX-JFK arriving at 5:35am Sunday. I don't think there will be much traffic. Toronto flight leaves at 7:59AM (is there something special about 8:00AM?) so I probably won't have time to go anywhere. Train/subway to Manhattan takes ~hour.