Friday, April 3, 2009

More Memory for Little Computer

The 2GB memory module arrived today and I installed it in the Eee. It came with 1GB of RAM but the 2GB upgrade was only $19. Sigh... I remember paying >$100 for a 1MB module for my Mac Plus. Since I don't have many applications on this computer, I think 2GB should be plenty for Windows XP so I turned off the virtual memory. Normally Windows creates a VM file on the hard drive in case it requires more memory than physically available. It would swap unused applications to the pagefile and load what was needed into physical RAM. Since RAM is faster than HDD, the computer slows down a bit when it's swapping data. Turning the virtual memory off should improve the speed somewhat since the computer does not need to access the HDD unless I'm loading new applications or files. In addition, spinning up the HDD requires more power than accessing physical memory so this may help battery life too. I think I'm getting >8 hours on a full charge already so this may push it to the magical 9.5 hours as advertised.

It's only been three days but I'm pretty happy with the little computer so far.

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