Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Dinner

I just went to Chipotle to get some dinner. I've been going there quite often and I think I've settled on my usual: chicken burrito, no beans, mild salsa, and some lettuce. I know it's not really authentic Mexican food, but it's pretty good and cheap ($6.20 w/tax). I'm Chinese and I also eat at Pei Wei, so I'm not that choosy.

In line in front of me tonight was a female CSI officer from the local police department. I think the restaurant gave her a discount since her total was <$5 and she got the same thing as me plus a drink. She was telling the cashier that it was really busy tonight; that's not good news coming from a CSI officer. In the parking lot, I saw that she drove a Chevy Astro minivan (offical vehicle). I guess CSI only get to drive Hummers in Miami.

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hogsman said...

You have to try the carnitas, if you haven't already -- it's really moist. Let's meet up for lunch or dinner and go there.