Monday, August 20, 2007

Still No Luggage

I called Dragonair to check on my luggage. They were pretty nice on the phone but have no idea where my bag is. I guess I'm stuck with my Wal*Mart clothes until they find my bag or I go buy more. The problem is that I already bought a 2XL shirt and it's kinda tight; that's the biggest shirt size they have. :(

Today was pretty a day of meetings... and sweating. I don't think I ever sweat so much with so little cooling effect. In addition, everywhere we go they serve hot tea. Can I get a glass of ice water?! A supplier brought us to lunch, at the same restaurant they took us to this past May, and we ended up toasting a lot which meant drinking a lot of Budweiser. The last time I drank so much alcohol was back in college, ~20 years ago. I guess this is how business is done in Asia: eating, drinking, and KTV.

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