Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fantasy Football Draft #3

The third and final fantasy football draft was this afternoon. I had to rely on the computer since we can't access Yahoo!'s draft room from work and I had a meeting anyway. This league is the largest with 14 people so I didn't expect much even though I had 3rd pick. Here's my team:

QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Byron Leftwich
WR: Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Bobby Wade
RB: Larry Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Reuben Droughns
TE: Jeremy Shockey, Owen Daniels
K: Nate Kaeding, David Akers
Def: Philadelphia

I had 1st pick last year in this league and I picked LJ too. I checked the draft results and the computer picked in order: (1) Larry Johnson, (2) Marvin Harrison, (3) Terrell Owens, (4) Jamal Lewis, (5) Calvin Johnson, (6) Jeremy Shockey, (7) Matt Hasselbeck, etc. Hmm, the computer drafted a second WR before a second RB, and waited until the 7th round to get me a QB while picking a TE in the sixth round. That would not have been my strategy but I'm pretty satisfied with my team. I have two good WR's (although TO is an ass) and hopefully Calvin Johnson will live up to his #2 NFL draft pick. With 14 teams, there's not much to pick up so hopefully Hasselbeck does well.

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