Monday, August 27, 2007

Baggage Claim

Update: Wow, I got an email reply from Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong with my luggage tag number and a file number. Maybe there's a chance they'll find it after all. The only thing I want back is the USB cable to my mobiBLU cube MP3 player. It looks like a custom cable that will be hard to find. Everything else should be easy to replace.


I've been trying to track down my lost luggage since I got back. So far I've made phone calls to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and even China. I was a bit distracted when I was filling out the lost baggage paperwork and didn't notice that they took my luggage claim tag. Now each office I call, they want this number and I don't have it. The copy of the paperwork I got back doesn't have the tag number either. I just got off the phone with the Dragonair office in Chengdu; they can't find my file and told me to call back tomorrow. They also asked for my U.S. phone number but I pretty confident that they won't call me back. I guess I'll try Cathay Pacific here again tomorrow to see if they can dig up this number in their computers.

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