Thursday, August 23, 2007

Luggage not found...

Hmm, every post from China seems to be about my lost luggage.

Well, the driver from Dragonair showed up last night at 6pm with someone else's bag. I should have expected this but I was upset nevertheless. I called Dragonair again and the response was pretty much, "Well, if that's not your bag, we don't know where it is." I'm checking out in a few hours to fly back to HKG/LAX and I'm certain once I leave, they'll deliver my bag to the hotel here. I left them a bunch of phone numbers to call but all my phones are dead since the chargers are in the lost bag!

Since I got a Chinese SIM card, I also bought a used NEC N620 designed for the China market. It has a lot of cool features like a Chinese-English dictionary, handwriting recognition, and even text-to-speech. I wonder if it will speak Chinese. I'm running the phone with English menus so there are some weird options. The best one so far is "Vibrator On/Off?"

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