Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chengdu Sauna

Wow, I think today was worse weather-wise than yesterday. The temperature was about the same, but it seemed more humid, if that's possible. I skipped breakfast today since it is pretty lame at this hotel. There were some buns, a couple of spicy sides, porridge, and warm soy milk. It just made me sweat more.

I got to see the factory construction site this morning. Leon said that last Thursday, he took some pictures of the site and there was no crane. Incredibly, the workers have hoisted a crane today even though the site didn't have electricity for the past two days. I'm so used to seeing heavy machinery at construction sites, usually yellow. In China, it's more like a lot of workers with wheelbarrows. I guess labor is more available than capital.

The rest of the day was sitting at the PMI office, sweating. Even though the A/C was on the entire time, Leon and I were sweating profusely... ok, more me than Leon. I'm so glad I didn't end up working in Singapore. We had a couple of meetings and I spoke with the accountant about product cost, inventory management, and manufacturing scheduling. Exciting stuff to talk about on my vacation. Lunch was bento-like boxes with rice and three dishes for $1-$2 RMB and it was pretty good.

I spoke with Dragonair again this morning and they still cannot determine whether it got on the plane in LAX or lost somewhere in HKIA. They don't even show the bag in their entire system, usually a bad sigh. I also went to Wal*Mart to buy more shirts, socks, and underwear. Pretty soon, my entire wardrobe will be the 2007 collection from Wal*Mart.

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ocgal22 said...

The difference between AC in China versus Singapore is as follows: In China, they have the AC on to the minimal level so that you don't pass out from the heat in the building. In Singapore, the AC is turned up to the max your body can stand without freezing solid (I wear a sweater or jacket while in the office in Singapore - definitelly NOT the case when I'm in China).