Thursday, March 30, 2006


So I decided today that a little bit of TV was better than no TV at all. Since I don't have cable TV or even an antenna, I've been only watching DVDs since I moved into the apartment. I just attached a coaxial cable splitter to the incoming cable and now I get three cable channels on my TV: CBS, CSpan2, and G4. I didn't have G4 in Brea but it appears to be a cable channel for nerds... cool! Anyway, the first TV show I watched was CSI on CBS. I think the FinalFour is on CBS this weeked so at least I'll get to watch UCLA.


OK, CSpan2 doesn't really count as a channel so I removed it from my remote. Now I only have two channels programmed so whether I push CH+ or CH-, I get the same (other) channel. As soon as I clean up my apartment, I'm getting cable TV.


ocgal22 said...

Yup -- confirmed Final Four on CBS -- go Bruins!!!

leon chiu said...

Darin is going to blame me for UCLA losing but it could also be the fact that you were hooked up to cable.

remember when we spliced in on Veteran Ave. the day before our final and watch I'm Gonna git you sucka at about 1am in the morning. we still passed the final.

totochi said...

Yeah, but I ended up getting so little sleep that I did fall asleep driving Haley home, crashing in the guardrail on Crenshaw by the Tea House.