Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Car... maybe

I'm seriously thinking of trading in both my cars (2004 Nissan 350Z and 1999 Toyota 4Runner) and getting a new one. I think I would still want a SUV since I'm used to carrying/moving stuff in my car but I want something more car-like instead of the truck-like 4Runner. The first car that came to mind was the Infiniti FX35 since it has the same engine as the Z, but at $40k, there are several other choices:

Infiniti FX35
Lexus RX350
Acura MDX
Mercedes-Benz ML350

They all have 3.5L V6 engines and are about the same size. I know only two people read this blog but... any opinions? Should I just keep my two old cars? I was thinking of getting rid of the Z anyway. I can probably get about $28k for both cars if I can trade in both.


ocgal22 said...

My vote is to consolidate to one car. I asked Martin which car he would suggest for you -- he said he would want to see the interiors before making a recommendation. All of them, though seem like good choices.

leon chiu said...


i'm anti-SUV these days. i'm thinking about the Sonata or the Corolla to save on gas.

out of your choices, i think the MDX is the best.