Friday, March 31, 2006

Bunny Rabbit

I saw a rabbit huddled next to the curb in our work parking lot. It was pretty windy and cold but I thought that rabbits had lots of fur to protect themselves. Anyway, I took a couple of pictures but didn't get too close... I heard rabbits bite.

BTW, I was offered kung-pao rabbit when I was in Beijing but I didn't have any though. After someone suggested Donkey Flesh King for lunch, our motto became, "Beef, pork, or chicken only. Please, no strange meats."

Yes, it's a rabbit

Yes, I took the picture with my Treo


leon chiu said...

it's got fans like....
look at the bones
look at the bones

leon chiu said...


you could have gotten a closer pick of the wabbit. you must have watch monty python recently and over-estimated the leaping distance of the rabbit as well as its ability to dismember a full adult with one bite.


totochi said...

I don't have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. One, two, five!