Monday, March 27, 2006

Cassette Tapes

[You can tell I've got no life since I'm posting a lot lately.]

In my attempt to clean up all the stuff I moved from my house to the apartment, I found a crate of cassette tapes. Some of the stuff is recent but there are tapes that I brought from Canada with music from the early 80's. Since I still have a tape deck attached to my stereo, I'm listening to some of the tapes, especially those without any labels. I'll post updates on any gems I find.


1. Recording of some meeting at Ingram Micro. Not sure if it's Chip Lacy speaking or Bronson Ingram. [trash]

2. Unknown Cantonese singer. [keep until my parents come and ID the singer]

3. Girl I'm Gonna Miss You by Milli Vanilli. Where did that come from? Must be Nancy's tape. [trash]

4. The Thin Red Line by Glass Tiger. Hey, they're Canadian. Hey, they sang Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) and it's on this tape! [keeper... until I find a mp3 of their only hit song]

5. Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. For you young kids, this is the hypnosis song in Zoolander. It's a cassette single so that the only song on the tape; I can't believe I bought a cassette single. [not sure]

BTW, I'm willing to part with any of these rare tapes if the price is right... :)

6. Hoi Polloi. I searched on the Internet (not using Google) and there are a lot of bands named Hoi Polloi; this is not the more famous one from New Zealand. My college roommate, Craig, used to be a member in this band and we saw them once playing at the Troubadour in Hollywood. I think Craig had to quit the band when he got to UCLA because he needed time to study, or was it his multiple (concurrent) girlfriends. [keep until I find Craig again]

7. Mix One. I made a bunch of tapes with different songs and I think I got to Mix Fifteen before I found out about CD-Rs. Here's side A of Mix One, recorded on a Radio Shack 60 minute tape:
• Ghostbusters
• Burning Down The House
• Maneater
• Babe
• Victims
• It's Raining Again
• Lucky Star
[I'm keeping this one... even though I'm a bit embarassed about the song selection]

8. Platinum Blonde. I've got not one, but two albums by Platinum Blonde. I had to double check on the web but indeed, they're from Toronto. I saw them in concert at Maple Leaf Gardens; also performing was The Spoons and Cory Hart. The Spoons were a local band from Burlington (just west of Toronto) and they had a cute, female bass player, Sandy Horne. I think I went to the concert just to see her in person.

Everyone in Canada dressed like this in the 1980s

Yup, 80s music on tapes actually recorded in the 80s.

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