Sunday, March 12, 2006

MIDI Keyboard Controller

I got tired of messing around with GarageBand with the regular QWERTY keyboard so I went out and bought a M-Audio Keystation 49e MIDI controller. It was only $100 at Fry's; I found it while I was looking for a PCMCIA FireWire adapter for my work laptop. I was going to find a more expensive keyboard with semi-weighted keys but since I can't play piano anyway, it probably doesn't matter.

This time, unlike the Tascam board, I plugged the keyboard into the USB port, clicked on GarageBand, and everything worked. Pretty cool. Of course, I don't play piano or keys so I'm going to learn. Once I get the Tascam board working, I'll have a mini studio in my apartment. The board has 8 regular inputs so I can plug in my microphone, guitar, bass, keyboard (via MIDI), and use either the GarageBand drum machine or the Cubase LE drum kits.

Maybe I can quit my day job... not!

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