Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Mac OS X Browsers

There are a lot more Internet browsers for Mac OS X so I've been downloading and trying out different programs. The computer comes with Apple's Safari browser but I've already had problems trying to log in to Blogger. I also downloaded Firefox and Camino from and I know Microsoft has a version of Internet Explorer for Max OS X.

Right now I'm trying out Camino 1.0 as my default browser since it is a universal binary version that runs natively on the Intel-based Macs. It does feel much faster than Safari or Firefox.

I'm still trying to get used to using the "Apple" key instead of "control" for copying and pasting.


Dang! I tried to download Yahoo! Messenger and Camino insists on making an MS Excel file. The download works fine using Safari. I guess it's back to Firefox for now.


I checked the Microsoft site and they don't have Internet Explorer for Mac anymore; instead they tell people to download Apple's Safari browser. Hmm...

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