Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Car Fixed

I just walked over to the body shop and picked up the Z. Of course, the final amount of the repair was more than the estimate... final damage = $2,087. I guess one good thing is they replaced the front bumper/air dam. Both of us have hit a few curbs and scuffed it up pretty good. Now the car looks brand new... maybe I should sell it before I mess it up again.

I also got a bill for additional car insurance premium. At first I thought, "Wow, that was fast... I just had the accident a couple of weeks ago." It turned out that when Shirley took herself off the policy, I lost a "professional" discount. Evidently, if you add someone to your policy without tickets or accidents, it may not increase your premium. I quickly went to AAA's website and found out that engineers get a discount too. You don't even have to be an engineer now as long as you have a degree. So now I have to find my UCLA diploma(!) and fax it to AAA.

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