Thursday, January 14, 2016

MAMAMOO's Moo Party (October 2015)

As mentioned in a previous post, MAMAMOO was in town for the 42nd LA Korean Festival in October, and they also scheduled a fan meet-up. VIP tickets were $110 but you get to shake hands with the girls and get their autograph. I had worried about being the oldest guy at the concert/meet, but I saw a few older white guys there.

I thought the meet-up and the mini-concert was awesome, even factoring the $110 price. After hearing and reading about the recent BTS concert tour fiasco, I was glad that this event was pretty well run. The only minor complaint was the long waits in line: before VIP event, inside VIP event, and between VIP event and concert. I did manage to meet a few people in line (mostly Chinese for some reason) and made some new Facebook friends.

Event was held at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The building was a bit old but sound system was working fine.

VIP fan meet-up. You could bring one item for them to sign. I brought a Pink Funky CD I just bought 2 days ago. A lot of people brought posters. Seated (my) left to right: Hwasa, Whee-in, and Solar.

I met this crazy guy from Stockton that drove down just to see MAMAMOO. He brought a few posters and this faux "painting" print from Walgreens. He ended up giving aways some posters but kept the fancy framed print plus a candid photo poster.


... and more Solar. Pretty.

Whee-in stood for this song...

... but had to sit most of the time, especially when there was a lot of dancing.

My autographed CD

I shot a few videos with my Sony RX-100 that came out pretty decent. The videos are grouped in this YouTube playlist.

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