Sunday, January 10, 2016

Washington DC (July 2015)

Even though I've lived in the US for ~30 years, I haven't traveled that much within the country. Last July, I spent a week in DC with my sister's family. It's only the 2nd time I've been there. Due to work travel, my sister has lots of Alaska miles and Marriott points so airfare and hotel rooms were free.

Washington DC Chinatown. There were signs in Chinese on almost all businesses. This was a literal translation: corner bread coffee shop.

I guess there's no literal translation for Fudruckers so this says "World's Best Hamburger"

National Gallery

Spy Museum display (forgot was it was about). This was the only museum that we had to pay to get in. Some of the displays were cool but the space was small and everything was super crowded.

Enigma machine at the Spy Museum. I had just watched The Imitation Game so it was relevant.

Lincoln Memorial

MLK Memorial

Washington Monument

Small SpaceX display at the National Air & Space Museum. I'm surprised that there was anything at all.

View of Jefferson Memorial from the top of Washington Monument

Capitol Building (scaffolding for dome repair). We managed to get tickets for a tour of the building; no such luck for White House tour.

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