Sunday, January 17, 2016

K-pop Crowdfunding

I've participated in a few (5) Kickstarter projects in the past, but primarily for techie products. One day, while browsing through /r/kpop on Reddit, I saw that Stellar was raising funds for their next mini-album on Makestar. They're not very popular in South Korea compared to other girl groups but they are well know for their sexy concept and having music videos and performances banned on Korean TV; this may be a way for their company to generate some pre-release publicity.

Anyway, I don't follow them too closely but have liked their prior songs. I ended up getting a signed CD for ~$25 (not bad) and ~$23 shipping (ugh). What I really wanted was a meal with the group but that would have been ~$850 + airfare to Korea + an interpreter. Now I need to learn their names and figure out how to tell them apart. Hopefully they will perform in the US soon.

They just released a new music video a few hours ago so this is probably the song I "helped" fund.

찔려(Sting) - Stellar

Some of their previous music videos:

떨려요 (Vibrato) - Stellar

마리오네트 (Marionette) - Stellar

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