Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LA Clippers vs. Houston Rockets

The last time I attended a NBA game, the Lakers were still a good team and the Clippers were terrible. So when an ex-coworker offered me a free ticket for tonight's game, I agreed to buy him dinner at the Staples Center. The hot dogs were pretty expensive but he had pretty good seats, and the game went into overtime with Clippers winning 140-132. Along the way, the Clippers made 22 3-point shots... crazy. Several times during the game, the Clippers were up by 10+ points but they had a lot of turnovers and the Rockets managed to hit a few last minute 3-pointers to tie the game.


My friend said many celebrities now come to Clippers games instead of Lakers games.

Steve Ballmer (owner) and Conan O'Brien (guest?)

It was an exciting game but one think I really didn't like. Back when the Lakers had Shaquille O'Neal, there was a tactic that other teams would use called "Hack-a-Shaq". Basically, near the end of the game, the other team would foul Shaq to make him to to the free-throw line where he invariably bricked most of his shots. I thought this was used with time running out and the game was close. Now it seems that this tactic is used all the time during the game... DeAndre Jordan was on the free-throw line all night. I guess it's legit as in within the rules but it feels like cheating.

Clippers Dunk Team. My friend said he could do this... I think he would be seriously injured.

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