Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Asia Trip Day 4 - Tokyo DisneySea (October 2015)

Wednesday 10/28

Since we brought my two nieces (ages 8 and 6) along with us on the trip, I tried to plan as many kid-friendly destinations as possible. Also because we live next door to Disneyland (California), we decided to skip Tokyo Disneyland and go to DisneySea instead. I read a lot of reviews online and it seemed different and cooler than Disneyland. In order to beat the rush, we bought tickets online (a separate adventure) and tried to arrive before doors opened at 8am. This meant getting up at 6am and getting on the first of four trains by 7am.

Four trains, 54 minutes, and ¥650 to go 12 miles

Evidently, everyone else had the same idea. It seemed like all of Tokyo was in line to get in at 8am.

I read somewhere that DisneySea was very expensive to build. It was much nicer than Anaheim Disneyland.

It was nice inside too

We had Chinese food for lunch. It was mediocre and expensive, much like most food served inside theme parks.

Lots of water, in keeping with the "sea" concept

Tower of Terror. I guess there's one of these at each Disney theme park. We didn't get to go on the ride as it was already late in the day, lines were long, and looked like it was going to rain any minute.

One think I did notice was that a lot of Japanese visitors were dressed up, typically with couples or groups wearing the same clothing. This happens in the US, but it didn't seem as prevalent as in Japan. Here are some examples:

Gothic Mickey?

Maybe this is just their school uniform... but why? They're obviously not in school today. Weird.

Not sure what they're supposed to be... fairies?

We ended up leaving about 4:30pm and went to Tokyo Station to eat dinner at Ramen Street (inside the station). Most places were packed but we found a place with open seats and selected our ramen using a vending machine. Maybe it was a different style of ramen but it wasn't very good; other than Yoshinoya and Jonathan's (Western style restaurant), it was probably our worst meal.

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