Monday, September 28, 2015

LA Moo Party

Update: Ugh. All the CDs online are shipped from Korea. I did find one guy on ebay but takes a week to ship. I also found a few music stores in K-town and sent some emails. I guess I'll have to run down there in person tomorrow to see if I can find anything fit for an autograph session.


Mamamoo is coming to LA to perform a free concert at LA Korean Festival on October 3rd. They're also holding a fan meeting the next day at Fonda Theater at 4pm. Since I'm usually free on weekends, I dropped $110 ($90 for ticket + $20 "convenience" fee) to see them live. Hopefully they will speak some English or have translators 'cuz my Korean skills are non-existent. I've been to a few Korean concerts but nothing like this. The event website said no photos, which is crazy for a fan meeting, and that they'll sign one item. I really don't have anything so I'm scrambling to see if I can get an album shipped by this Friday. :(

Favorite performance:

The Way to Sampo - Mamamoo (Immortal Song 2)

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