Saturday, May 5, 2012

TBIT Construction Progress

As I complained many times in the past, the international terminal (Tom Bradley) at LAX is an embarrassment. The airports I've been to in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and even Beijing) are so much better. I guess a lot of people have complained so they've been renovating and adding on to the terminal. It's nicer inside than before but the terminal is still too small (too few gates) so construction goes on.

Since I bought my Sony a55 camera, I've been going to Imperial Hill near LAX to take photos. Here are two of the TBIT construction:



In six month's time, it looks like they added some roofing material, though there are less cranes. Maybe there's more progress on the inside. This is what the terminal is supposed to look like when it's done:

It's a bit confusing since I've seen other drawings with an additional "terminal" west of this one connected by a train(?). This would give TBIT a lot more gates; the drawing above doesn't seem to add much, if at all. I don't see any construction evidence of the 2nd additional building though.

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