Monday, May 7, 2012

Sistar Short Skirt

Sigh... not sure why they keep putting them in such short skirts. Hyorin is really talented so it kinda cheapens their abilities by putting the focus on their bodies instead of vocals/dancing. In addition, I thought they always wore safety pants on stage; not sure what happened at 1:15 in the video.

This is why I like BEG's (Brown Eyed Girls) old stuff. They aren't jumping around half-nekked and don't have crazy zombie make-up.

Brown Eyed Girls on YHY's Love Letter, Part 1

Brown Eyed Girls on YHY's Love Letter, Part 2

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Anonymous said...

finally, not constrained by the great firewall and couldn't believe my eyes. not about the treatment of CGC but the comment that the skirts were "too" short.