Saturday, May 5, 2012

Neighborhood Permit Parking Program

I received a letter in the mail from our city's Public Works Department. They've been asked to implement a Neighborhood Parking Permit Program for a few streets near my house. Typically they do this on residential streets near busy commercial areas, or near paid parking lots to reduce the supply of free parking. I live in a very residential area so I wasn't sure why this was necessary at first.

Looking at a map of the area, I think the reason is because of the nearby Peters Canyon Reservoir. There are hiking trails and horse trails in the reservoir area and the small (paid) parking lot fills up fast on weekends. There's no parking on the streets bordering the reservoir so I'm guessing people are parking wherever on small residential streets.

I don't live in the circled area but last weekend the street in front of my house was full of parked cars. I didn't see any neighbors holding an event so it was probably related to overflow parking at the reservoir, or people too cheap to pay the parking fee.

The only other significant item in the letter was that "the City Traffic Commission's decisions are final unless appealed." However, it will cost you money to appeal the decision and applications for appeal requires a $500 deposit. $500?! Don't we pay their salaries out of our property taxes and my !@#$% business license fee? What a scam... I wish I could get extra salary for working on projects at work.

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