Friday, May 11, 2012

Sistar on Google+

Even I don't do much online (other than post random stuff on my blog), I have an account on almost all social media sites. When I saw Sistar members have accounts on Google+, I added them to my circle: all 4 members plus the Sistar official Google+ account. Since I can't read Hangul/Korean, it's mostly to see photos or video links.

A few days ago, I got an email from Google+ that I was added to other people's circles. It turned out to be Kang Ji Hyeon (Soyou) and Yoon Bora. I didn't even know Soyou's real name until the email. I was exited until I saw Soyou had 1600+ people in her circle... it's probably an intern at Starship Entertainment adding people and ghost-posting stuff for them.

Kang Ji Hyeon

I hope they will show up to KMF 11 next year.

Alone [MV] - Sistar

Lead Me + Alone - Sistar

I like Lead Me better than Alone. Too bad they're promoting Alone so they're not performing Lead Me anymore.

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