Sunday, May 20, 2012

CCTV9 Jackass Doubles Down

Get Whitey, part 2

China Daily
A Chinese broadcaster tonight said he is considering legal action against a blogger who accused him of being a xenophobe for comments he made on Sina Weibo.

Yang Rui, who hosts Dialogue, an English-language show on CCTV News, said Charlie Custer, editor of China Geeks, had "damaged his reputation."


In response, Custer, a blogger from the United States who is fluent in Mandarin, launched an online campaign calling for the Dialogue host to be fired.

"These vicious lies do not represent the vast majority of foreign citizens in China," Custer wrote on Sina Weibo. As of Sunday night, the post had been forwarded 3,600 times.

Custer declined to comment when contacted by China Daily.

"His remarks are nothing but libel against a sincere and conscientious host who has been devoted to international cultural exchanges for 13 years," Yang said in a telephone interview.

Hmm, when I saw Yang Rui on CCTV9, I thought he was totally rude to his guests. Now he just shows that he is a thug and a coward. His lawsuit talk is just BS; if he has a case, then file the lawsuit. Those that whine about suing in public are attention whores. If Yang is so "devoted to international cultural exchange" then let him explain his "Melissa Chan is a bitch" and "foreigners = trash" comments instead of threatening his critics... but that's just how the CCP operates so I don't expect anything different from a party mouthpiece.

BTW, many sources claim that Yang Rui's daughter either lives or studies in the US. Does that make her "foreign trash" too? What would he say if a US TV news anchor called his daughter a "bitch" and advocate kicking her out of the country?

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