Monday, May 21, 2012

MBC K-pop Concert in San Francisco

I'm watching it live on YouTube though the video keeps stopping. It says there are 95k+ people watching right now... crazy. Sister is performing Alone... finally got to see them semi-live. Ugh, now I'm down to 240p...

The lineup is sooo much better than KMF last month since it's focused on K-pop:
- Super Junior
- Girls' Generation
- Wonder Girls
- Sistar
- f(x)

Even at 240p the video is not streaming properly. Probably didn't expect 100k viewers online.


Hmm, viewer count seems to have stabilized at ~100k and the stream, now at 360p has been about 90% stable. Sistar performed 3 songs and now it's f(x). Krystal and Amber are speaking lots of English to the audience.


Oh, I just remember that SMTown was this weekend in LA. That's why Super Junior, SNSD, and f(x) are in the US at once.


KARA is up right now. They performed Lupin, talked for a bit (with Nicole translating), and now it's Mister and the butt dance!

BTW, Tiffany and Taeyeon of SNSD are MC's. Tiffany is speaking a lot of English, unlike at KMF where it was all Korean. The sound engineering also sounds a lot better; it sucked at KMF/Hollywood Bowl. Dang it, I wish I could have gone tonight. :(

Wonders Girls and SNSD are up next after BEAST.


Anonymous said...

how come the concerts up in SF seem better than the KMF? i remember you wanted to fly up (was it to see BEGirls?) you would think that k-town in la would be bigger than k-town/sf. what gives?

totochi said...

I think it's because the SF concert was sponsored by MBC (Korean media company) and Google. KMF in LA was sponsored by Korea Times, primarily a newspaper company. Also SMTown was just in LA so you had all the SM Entertainment groups over here already (SNSD, Super Junior, f(x)).

I do think there are more Koreans in LA than in SF though.