Friday, January 6, 2012

Workplace Harassment...

... training.

Nothing better than 2 hours of online harassment training on a Friday evening. I have to do these every two years.

Current hypothetical scenario to evaluate:
Listen, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. It's kind of embarrassing....

Um, every Monday I get this e-mail--actually, everyone in our group gets it--from Matthew. It's his way of reminding us all to check out his blog. He calls it something like "Naked Man in a Big Town."

First time, I did check it out. But what he's writing there is actually pretty disturbing. The whole thing's basically a laundry list of all the women he's, um, "been with," and well... let's just say there's waaay too much information. Major over-sharing violation. He's even posted some photos!

Some of his posts are actually about women who work here. Not sure what they think, but if I were them, I'd be mortified.

Of course, I never went back to his site, but every Monday there's that stupid e-mail reminder about his blog. It's really kinda gross.

In my opinion, someone needs to deal with this.

Ha ha... photos?! I'd fire the the guy; that's some serious lack of common sense and good judgement. Needless to say, I don't send e-mail to my staff pointing them to this blog. Don't want them to know that I'm an "effective weapon of Satan" and all. Seriously, this is why I don't want staff. Since the org structure at Broadcom was pretty flat, I only had at most three people to deal with. I only have one now but about to get another one in two weeks. My sister has 70+ people reporting to her... I can't imagine dealing with HR issues for that many people.


BTW, the correct answer is "contact HR or senior management" in all cases.

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Anonymous said...

do you get the same criteria for direct reports as your old job?

young, female, single and asian.

any complaints to the design team to tone down the designs and not make the vehicles so phallic-looking? the FH looks like it has been circumcised.